Both Sides Now 5: Queer @ Strangelove Festival

21 March 20 • Strangelove Festival, Folkestone

Matt Lambert, God is Watching, 2017 (courtesy of the artist, Tate and Random Acts)

Both Sides Now 5 looks at the way in which artist filmmakers are exploring Queer culture, using various film and video techniques, to explore aspects of Queer life in Hong Kong, China and the UK.

A special screening of the Both Sides Now 5: Queer programme takes place at Strangelove Time-based Media Festival on 21 March 2020.

Venue: Quarterhouse, Tontine Street, Folkestone CT20 1BN
Date and time: 21 March 2020, 2-3pm
Booking: Free, but booking required – get tickets

Programme of films

Films from Hong Kong & China

Differences Do MatterAnson Mak, 1998, 3’00”
To Be Brandon, Nicole Pun, 2019, 6’30”
The Drum TowerFan Po Po, 2016, 17’52”
A Glass of  Water, Kayla Wu, 2019, 4’30”

Films from UK

Handclap/PunchholeCharlotte Prodger, 2011, 9’46”
Something SaidJay Bernard, 2017, 7’33”
God is WatchingMatt Lambert, 2017, 3’24”
Where We Are NowLucie Rachel, 2016, 9’29”

Total programme run time: 63 mins

Both Sides Now 5: Queer

British colonialism widely affected legal discrimination against LGBT people – specifically homosexual men (just as in Britain, female homosexuality was not recognised in colonies). As in many colonies, laws criminalising male homosexuality were slow to change in Hong Kong, with decriminalisation taking until 1991, as opposed to 1967 in the UK. In 2019, laws regarding equality for LGBTQ+ people are almost equal. Though reception to Queer people in the UK and Hong Kong varies widely geographically, generationally and socially. With the rise of right-wing sentiments globally, the acceptance Queer people have enjoyed feels like it is in descent.

In response to post-colonialism and the rise of right-wing opinions, we have curated this programme to show a range of artworks that explore Queer identity and culture. Filmmakers from both sides explore aspects of LGBTQI+ life – with artists from both the UK and Hong Kong making work that reflects upon Queer identity, life and creativity.

Both Sides Now is a tactical program that uses film and video to explore culture and society between different nations, the UK, China and Hong Kong, and beyond. It is a project developed in collaboration between videoclub (UK) and Videotage (Hong Kong).