Vital Capacities new resident artists June 2024

Artists on Vital Capacities residency in June 2024 – from top left, clockwise: Jameisha Prescod, Shrouk El-Attar, Bella Milroy, and James Kong King-sin

For the tenth Vital Capacities‘ residency, we partner with Unlimited, Videotage (Hong Kong) and Wysing Art Centre (Cambridge) to work with artists from the UK and Hong Kong. From 1 June, artists Shrouk El-Attar, Bella Milroy, James Kong King-sin and Jameisha Prescod join Vital Capacities, to undertake research and develop new work. Working with our partners, they will explore and exchange new ideas using their studio spaces, and create new work throughout the residency.

The artists for June 2024’s residency are:

Shrouk El-Attar is a neurodivergent British-Egyptian artist, engineer, and creative technologist, is passionate about decolonizing technology and making engineering accessible. Her work merges AI with cultural and artistic projects, building belly-dancing robots to create dynamic, interactive experiences. A focus is placed on empowering underrepresented communities, including refugees and disabled individuals, by teaching them to build and innovate. Join her in exploring the vibrant intersection of art and technology!

Bella Milroy is an artist and writer who lives in her hometown of Chesterfield, Derbyshire. She works responsively through mediums of sculpture, drawing, photography, text, writing, gardening and curating. She makes work about making work (and being disabled) and not being able to make work (and being disabled). This process-based practice is fundamental to her as a disabled artist. She is continually motivated by concepts of public and private spaces and where the sick and/or disabled body exists within them, themes which emerge throughout much of her work.

Jameisha Prescod is an artist-filmmaker and writer from South London. Through the moving image and experimental mediums, their work explores themes of disability, and illness identity whilst examining links to Black history, pop culture and colonialism. Recent exhibitions/shows include Biennale Arte (2024), Bloc Billboard (2024) and the Deptford Literature Festival (2024).

James Kong King-sin is a highly skilled Interactive Media Engineer with a passion for bridging the realms of art, science, and technology. Through his work, he explores the intersection of theater and computational media, crafting immersive experiences that captivate audiences. With expertise in programming, Generative AI, and Mixed Reality, James continuously pushes the boundaries of artistic expression, leveraging innovative technologies to enhance storytelling and audience engagement.

Residencies will launch on 1 June 24 – find out what artists are up to by joining our mailing list and following them on:

June 2024’s residency programme is delivered in partnership with Unlimited, Videotage (Hong Kong) and Wysing Art Centre, with support from Arts Council England.

Vital Capacities is an accessible, purpose-built digital residency space, that supports artists’ practice while engaging audiences with their work.

Vital Capacities has been created by videoclub in consultation with artists, digital inclusion specialist Sarah Pickthall and website designer Oli Pyle.