3 - 9 July 20 • online

Yu Araki’s ‘Bivalvia: Act I’ showing online with God’s House Tower

A painting of oysters on an orangey red tablecloth, with the words "she'll be fruitful, never fear her" written beneath in red letters.
Yu Araki, Bivalvia: Act I, 2017 (courtesy of the artist)

Yu Araki’s Bivalvia Act I showing as part of God’s House Tower’s Beside the Sea: Summer Screenings programme.

We were invited to nominate a film by God’s House Tower in Southampton as part of their Beside the Sea: Summer Screenings programme.

Throughout July, the Summer Screenings programme will explore how artists and filmmakers have been inspired by the sea and its infinite possibilities.

We nominated Japanese artist Yu Araki’s compelling film, Bivalvia: Act I, which combines a real-life story about a young couple who committed double-suicide in the sea between Japan and Korea in 1926, the legend of St. Jacob, French phonetics lesson, and various representations of oysters, a symbol for vanitas.

The film can be watched between 3 – 9 July on God’s House Tower website.