2006 Programme

200 Nanowebbers, Semiconductor, 2005

videoclub : 1 – March 2006 – The Hanbury Ballroom

The videoclub launch was a great success, with a ballroom-filling turn out, and some great films to start out with. Victoria Melody, Zoe Tissandier and Tatiana Echeverri Fernandez all came to talk about their work with guest speaker (writer and editor) Metin Alsanjak – who wrote a review of the work for videoclub – click here to read more (.doc). The panel and the screening were a real success, and assured us that what we’ve developed is relevant and worthwhile, as well as interesting and stimulating.

Artist Title
Victoria Melody Hill Screams
Simon Woolham The Source
Tatiana Echeverri Fernandez Flash
Martin Blazicek Image Description
Zoe Tissandier Talent Show Auditions

videoclub : 2 – May 2006 – The Hanbury Ballroom

videoclub : 2 provided us with a few surprises, this screening of excellent films, was only 14 minutes long – but a wonderful set of films, which had great contrasts and similes, particularly with their relationship to sound and image. George Barker, Nick Hornby and Hannah Ellul came to talk about their work, with guest facilitator (artist, writer and curator) Monica Ross, who explored and highlighted some thought-provoking links between the artists’ work.

Artist Title
Patrick Gould and George Barker For the Love of God
Rosalind Peters She Falls
Nick Hornby Psycho Saw
Hannah Ellul and J Allett I have dodged through the parking lots

videoclub : 3 – July 2006 – Brighton Fringe Basement

The Basement provided a great space for screening work, and the films worked brilliantly together – we had some stunning films submitted for this screening. Artists Semiconductor (Ruth Jarman and Joseph Gerhardt) and Sara Preibsch discussed their work with writer, curator and filmmaker, George Clark, who also put together notes on the event – click here to read more(.doc). The panel discussion was highly engaging, George drew intelligent and interesting discussion from the artists, making insightful links between the two (three) artists’ work.

Artist Title
Miranda Whall Ladybirds
Rosalind Peters She Falls
Stefan Georgiou Sunday Morning
Semiconductor Acousticity
Semiconductor 200 Nanowebbers
Yoshino Shigihara Niji Dura

videoclub : 4 – Sept 2006 – Phoenix Gallery

Could we have squeezed more people into the Red Room at Phoenix? videoclub : 4 had a great turn out, and the work was due a good audience. As with all the screenings, videoclub : 4 had an eclectic mix, from computer game to hand-drawn animation, Super 8 and 16mm, and DV – demonstrating the multiplicity of film and video-making media along with high quality practice. Esther Harris, Minou Norouzi and Kagami Shinohara spoke insightfully and with engaging generosity about their work, with astute and perceptive questions from panel leader, Mick Hartney. (click here to read more (.doc))

Artist Title
Pil and Galia Kollectiv The Future for Less
Minou Norouzi Imago
Oliver Mezger High Possil
Ulf Kristiansen The Art Reception
Kagami Shinohara Super Kagao Brothers
Esther Harris Tourists, 2006