With videoclub

14 March - 13 May 2011 • Online

Digital Rules and Regs

Image credit: Mouse move map of research area (online neighbourhood: area covered 21032011:1924-2004hrs), 2011 – Marianne Holm Hansen

Participating Artists:

The Rules:

  • Love thy neighbour.
  • Honour the original.
  • Obey the market.

Throughout Digital Rules and Regs (DR&R), links to any interactive work or work-in-progress will be posted here.

The artists will also be posting about their experiences on the DR&R blog: http://digitalrulesandregs.wordpress.com

The Programme:

Participating artists will develop new work over a nine-week period in early 2011. After artists have agreed to participate, rules will be devised in response to their practices and announced at the beginning of the development period. Both artists will work to the same set of rules and must create new work in response to these rules.

DR&R will take place online, using the web as a creative platform and tool. The final outcome of the project will be web-based final artworks or works in progress, and will be accessible to the public to experience / see / interact with through a website / online means.

DR&R is primarily a development opportunity for making new work, rather than an exhibition or showcase; the primary goal is to explore artistic practice. During the development period artists will be supported by videoclub curator Jamie Wyld.

DR&R with videoclub is the pilot online implementation of the Rules and Regs development model. Public access to the artists’ creative processes will be highlighted, with artists asked to keep public blogs and post work-in-progress.

DR&R is a collaboration between Rules and Regs and videoclub. For more information on Rules and Regs, please visit: http://www.rulesandregs.org