2009 Programme


VIDEOCLUB presents Mobile Movie Trail for WHITE NIGHT 2009

24 October 09 – 6pm – 12am (Saturday) – Free to take part

Mobile Movie Trail is a selection of minute long films that you can download to your phone. Films are ‘hidden’ invisibly along a trail throughout Brighton, from Jubilee Square to the seafront.

As you journey along the trail, following a printed movie treasure map (available from White Night info point in Jubilee Square) you will come across ‘X’s on the floor that mark the location of downloadable videos using the Bluetooth function on your phone.

Videos will be shareable once collected, allowing you to share the films you have collected with family and friends for as long as you have them.

There will be a ‘Bluetooth Angel’ at the beginning of the tour who will show you how to access the Bluetooth function on your phone. The angel will be situated at the White Night info point in Jubilee Square. Maps of the trail will also be available from the White Night info point.

Films have been made by international artists, including Armen Antranikian, Yasuko Tadokoro, George Barber, Anna Weatherston & Tula Parker, and Hetain Patel.

White Night Brighton and Hove 2009 website

Funded by White Night Brighton & Hove and Arts Council England. Made possible with technological and project management support from Blink.


1. Jubilee Square – White Night information point
2. Outside Theatre Royal, New Road
3. Outside Fabrica Gallery, 40 Duke Street
4. Outside Moore House, 13 Black Lion Street
5. White Night Penny Arcade, Fishing Museum on the beach



One-Minute Study of Beats – Hetain Patel

The rhythms usually performed by hands on the tabla drums, are translated into full body movements as the torso is marked with Kanku (the red pigment traditionally used in Hindu ceremonies to mark a dot on the forehead). The chanting and clapping form part of an ancient percussive language, which in this instance, shapes the 10 beats called Jhaptaal.  Commissioned by motiroti


Le Fil Rouge – Yasuko Tadokoro

Everyone has someone somewhere in the world, they are connected to you by an unseen red thread – will you ever find them?


Automotive Action Painting – George Barber

Observed from an overhead camera, a man stops by the roadside one morning and empties the contents of a number of large cans of paint over the tarmac. As the light rises, along with the level of traffic, the cars spread the paint along the surface of the road, creating an abstract smear of vibrant colour.


One-Minute Guide to Planet Earth – Armen Antranikian

An attempt to summarise modern life on planet earth in sixty seconds. The short film received a Jury Commendation at Filminute 2007, the international one-minute film festival. The jury said: “How refreshing to find such a delightfully off-beat guide to a place we could all use a bit more perspective on!”


Beach Jam Beach Jam – Tula Parker and Anna Weatherston

A sample-heavy funk track provides the revving and screeching sound effects for a toy car as it is ‘driven’ along a stretch of sea wall, from the ‘metropolis’ of a snow-shaker past a ‘Weekend’ tail-back of traffic before arriving, in the wheel tracks of Thelma and Louise, in Brighton.